The great houses of Northdale were originally sevenfold, the Malkier , the Vyntar , the Falker, the Goldarin , the Asher , the Mandra and the Darfear .

The First Kings of Northdale were of House Mandra, until the reign of King Baryth III who died of the Unnatural Plague, leaving his sister 's husband Ennis the throne by virtue of marriage.

Ennis would then be the first king of House Falker. But this would not last long, as after a quick war, known as the Spring Succession War, the throne was seized by Kaspian Asher.

On Kaspian's death, the young lord Alastar Asher suceeded to the throne. Amalric Falker, brother to Ennis would press the claim of Ennis' son, Viktorin in what would become known as the War of Two Kings. Due to the even and balanced nature of support between the two sides. Though it was close throughout, Viktorin's supporters gained numerous victories when the Goldarin armies were recalled to Frostbluff Keep for the Winter. The Falker pressed their advantage before the terrain became impassable and laid siege to Aldiron . Though the Falker armies made little progress over the winter they were able to press on in the spring before the Goldarin returned, crushing the hungry and demoralised Asher armies when they sallied forth.

The young King Viktorin was crowned and House Asher were exiled and their lands divided between Amalric Falker, the Lord Baryth of Blacklake  and the Lord Ulric Morstone with various titles given to Kyrannis Malkier and Tomas Vyntar for their allegiance.

The Goldarin and Darfear were regarded poorly for the King they chose to fight for, however the Viktorin would marry the daughter of Vergul GoldarinMorganna. This seemingly allowed the Goldarin back into the court at Aldiron.

The Darfear however were traitors to the crown and having made minimmal efforts to be forgiven were distrusted as was seen as appropriate. It was soon discovered that Lord Garric conspired with the exiled Ashers to have them returned to the throne. Once it became known that House Asher intended to return, the King took preemptive strikes against House Darfear, reducing their seat of power, Glimrath, to naught but rubble and scorched dirt. The Darfear lands were divided amongst the minor nobles who had not joined arms with Lord Garric. Of these;

House Silvorpyke, under the Earl of Greyshore Artus gained substantial estates.

House Mattor, under Lord Bairo gained a vast stretch of land in the western part of the country

and House Brythin under Lord Rodan, who was granted all the Darfear lands on the island chain of Aebruth.

During the reign of Tomas II, the great-grandson of Amalric Falker, Tobas, declared that his family was a cadet branch of House Falker by the name House Falker-Amalric, though usualy referred to as House Amalric.

On the death of the last heir of House Malkier, the Lord Rygoth adjusted his will to leave half of his land to his Castellan and Best friend Jon of Highpeak and the other half to his wife's brother, Ren who adopted the name Malkier for his new house.

So the Eleven great houses are currently;

House Falker , House Vyntar , House Goldarin , House Blacklake , House Morstone , House Silvorpyke , House Mattor , House Brythin , House AmalricHouse Highpeak and House Malkier.

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